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It’s World Book Day! We did a roaring trade in the bookshop this morning - there never seems to be any rhyme or reason behind foot traffic/sales in there, but maybe people were aware of the occasion and had book-buying in mind.

I even bought a book myself. I’ve never actually read ‘Dracula’ (yes, as I keep having to explain, I am really truly not well-read) and have been waiting for a copy to come in for ages (I even tried the library, but they don’t have it! You can order it in from elsewhere in the county, but I knew it would turn up in the shop sooner or later, and Every Home Should Have One, hence purchase).


Someone donated a pile of books on John Singer Sargent - prominently featured was the famous portrait of ‘Dr Pozzi at Home’, depicting the society gynaecologist attired in a striking red dressing-gown and frilled nightshirt.


By sheer accident, I matched, in red velvet over a frilled shirt. I of course lack a beard, but depending on your personal feeling that may be a good thing. ;-)


I am currently reading about the Comte de Montesquiou, who apparently had little love for this popular portraitist: “Taste is a very special thing… Mr Sargent, who is a great painter, does not have any.” There is something a trifle flashy about a lot of his paintings. But I do quite like the complete and total OTT-ness of Dr Pozzi. From his frilled collar to his embroidered slipper he’s all confidence and prosperity - the successful society doctor. (Apparently Dr P. was at one time a lover of Sarah Bernhardt, and later performed surgery on her. Drastic intimacy!)


Doubtless Montesquiou might find my own attire too redly vulgar to be borne, but Good Taste is all too often an apology for having failed to be interesting. Better an attempt at charm (however unavailing), and no apology! (I think I am actually against Good Taste, unless you can be the one who defines it. If you can’t do that - defy it, I say!)
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