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In All Things, I Know Myself To Be Mercury, Not Granite

"I have spent my life alone, utterly alone, and no biography of me could ever more than scratch the surface. All the facts in Who’s Who, or whatever, are so utterly meaningless. My real life (if I ever dared to write it!) has transpired in darkness, secrecy, fleeting contacts and incommunicable delights, any number of strange picaresque escapades and even crimes, and I don't think that any of my 'friends' have even the faintest notion of what I'm really like or have any idea of what my life has really consisted of. . . .With all the surface 'respectability,' diplomatic and scholarly and illustrious social contacts, my real life has been subversive, anarchic, vicious, lonely, and capricious." - Frederic Prokosch

“Sometimes I think I have an unusual character – able but trivial; I have flair, intuition, great good taste but only second rate ambition: I am far too susceptible to flattery; I hate and am uninterested in all the things most men like such as sports, business, statistics, debates, speeches, war, and the weather; but I am riveted by lust, furniture, glamour and society and jewels. I am an excellent organiser and have a will of iron; I can only be appealed to through my vanity. Occasionally I must have solitude: my soul craves for it. All thought is done in solitude; only then am I partly happy.” - Henry Channon, 19 July 1935

"Almost everyone who is nice is nice because the nonsense has not been knocked out of him. People without heaps of nonsense are merely prigs." - E.F. Benson

"In naming myself, I recognise who I am." - Robert Fripp

"I'd rather live by a dream than live by a lie." - Todd Rundgren

"Man Makes Himself." - V.G. Childe

"Kat Bec Caric!!" - C. Penhallon Silcott

"Mi'etse-sa lah di mie Catship;
Kat nil bec sto riles di me.
Sett, mie nil bec sto riles
Di anquin Cat, quie cor ptieh." - Q.A. Silvana Magnus

Each one of these things contains and implies its opposite, or rather suggests the possibility of its own non-existence.

The Writer, P. Marcius-Simons


Interests (150):

20th century, agatha christie, alchemy, animals, archaeology, architecture, art, art deco, being mysterious, black and white movies, books, captain beefheart, cats, charlie mortdecai, christian vander, classic crime, clovis sangrail, conan doyle, conjecturing, cookery, cosmé, costume, creative writing, creativity, dancing, david, david madsen, daydreaming, design, dilettantism, divine hedone, dressing up, e.f. benson, eccentricity, edmund crispin, edward gorey, elucidation, euphemisms, family legends, fiction, film, flowers, food, frailty, frank zappa, fred astaire, freedom, friendship, george macdonald fraser, gervase fen, gnosis, green language, h.h. munro, hermetic philosophy, holding hands, ideas, imagining, independence, inspiration, introverts, inventing words, invertebrates, judee sill, julian cope, kindness, kinky friedman, kissing, kobaïa, kyril bonfiglioli, laughing, leaves, lee miller, left handedness, letters, libraries, listening, love, loyalty, lps, lyric writing, lyrics, made-up words, magma, mauve, mercury-orchid, meredith, moderne, movies, museums, music, my camera, my own world, nature, ngaio marsh, old hollywood, old photos, passionate friendship, patterns, pens, petrichor, positivity, princes, quaint, questioning, ramones, reading, remembering, rock in opposition, romantic friendship, saki, scribbling, secondhand books, secondhand bookshops, secondhand shopping, sherlock holmes, silliness, silvanism, sincerity, singing, slapp happy, solitude, songwriting, sparks, stationery, stooges, stories, surrealism, tardigrades, tea, telling tales, tenrecs, the avengers, the created self, the magic band, the residents, the universe, thinking, todd rundgren, understanding, vintage, vinyl, walking, weirdness, whimsy, wild flowers, woodlands, words, writing, zeuhl,
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