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[community profile] fandomlovespuertorico is live! :)

Please, folks, if you have the means and the inclination, sniff around over there. Signal boosts are equally excellent and just as essential, as is simply knowing about the auction itself, so please don't feel unhelpful if you're not able to bid at the moment.

Again with the dual references in the subject lines, aieeeee! Otra vez, Sr. Miranda conoce exactamente que decir...


Monday, 16 October 2017 09:12[personal profile] butterflydreaming
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 This morning I rescued a moth that was drowning in a dog dish. For whatever reason it matters a lot to me that I was there to see him frantically paddling, the way he calmed as soon as I put the flower stem next to him, how he crawled right on to it.

Even if they can't feel despair, everything just wants to live, right?

The moth may die anyway due to the dunking. He won't be able to fly, and it's a cold morning. But at least he didn't drown in a fcking dirty dog bowl outside a grocery store, with creatures going by, unaware of his distress.

In other news, I'm having a new life experience. I've been sick, and have lost my voice pretty much entirely. It's day 2. I made the first smart self-care decision in five days, in that I took a sick day off work. If I hadn't worked until I was fatigued on Friday and Saturday, I would almost certainly still have a voice now and maybe be over this cold/flu, too.

Planning is more fun than doing

Sunday, 15 October 2017 22:03[personal profile] mummimamma
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Today is the birthday of the Roman poet Virgil - Publius Vergilius Maro, and to celebrate the day, the British Museum put up a picture of a tablet with a line from the Aeneid (9.473) on their facebook page. Since the link provided by the BM was less than helpful in telling much about the tablet or the line, I had to do some digging myself. This lead me to the Vindolanda webpage, where they have many of the tablets found there in an online index.

And then I noticed that on the main Vindolanda page they had a note up that they would have openings for volunteer diggers at the excavation there this summer. For a fee of course. So then I of course started to think about how I could incorporate that in my summer holidays, because I'd love to do that. Two years ago, I hiked the Hadrian's wall which was a nice combination of several of my interests; hiking, Roman history and England. And getting to go deeper into the subject really appeals to me. they open for sign ups on November 1st, and I have until then to decide. Also figure out whether I'm in good enough shape.

I have a weak spot for the Vindolanda tablets, they are a wonderful way to catch a glimpse into the past, like the tablet BM linked, which is (probably) a writing exercise. There are also a couple of interesting letters I remember reading - or trying to read - for a Latin course once. But the line from virgil amde me think of a rune stick found in the excavations here in Bergen, which also has a line of Virgil: "Omnia vincit amor et nos cedamus amore"), but here in runes.

That led me unto a line of though of one of my many interest, namely grafitti, these little things that we write that is not really meant for posterity, but if they are conserved, they give us a wonderful glimpse into the daily life of people of the past. And the present for that sake, I enjoy reading bathroom grafitti. That made me wonder if there has been written a pop science book on grafitti though the ages. If not there should be, and then I started outlining it in my head. And then even better started to think about all the things I could read while researching, before - eh actually write the thing.

I haven't found a book about it, and definitely not in Norwegian. I'll put it on my to-write list. After that article about Breton. And the tu/vous-distinction in Norwegian. And everything else.

Because thinking about things is fun, doing them on the other hand...
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Did this a few months ago. Trying again. I have become a more active poster, but only by a bit. I have been rewatching things, adjusting to a new job, and so on, so it felt time to do it again.

Describe yourself in five sentences or less: I'm a long-time internet citizen with too many fannish interests to count. I'm a high school English teacher in my first year of teaching, so I'm constantly exhausted. My commute to work is so long that it's having an impact on my health. I'm 26 and employed but live with my parents and dogs. I'm sometimes too much of an open book online, but I'm an introvert.

Top 5 fandoms: Stargate SG-1. Avatar: The Last Airbender. Amorphous DC stuff including Young Justice, Wonder Woman, and Arrow nostalgia at the moment. Always Doctor Who. YouTube stuff?

I mostly post about: Screams into the void, be they about fandom thoughts that I have no other outlet for or things about my real life I don't want to directly put in anyone's lap. Also tons of Dear Author Letters because I have an exchange addiction.

I rarely post about: I don't actually post about politics and religion often, but I don't shy away from them either.

My three last posts were about: Two Dear Author Letters and one post about how terrified I am to return to work on Monday.

How often do you post?: A few times a month at least since I started making an effort, sometimes more with motivation.

How about commenting?: Every time I go through my reading page, I try to find at least one thing to comment on unless it's redundant. I don't always succeed, but I am a big proponent of reciprocity of interaction for fanworks and am a generally supportive person when I can be.

----. -..- --

Saturday, 14 October 2017 23:16[personal profile] chanter_greenie
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Made it to the Wisconsin Public Radio centennial event tonight. I was, at first, uncertain whether or not it was a good idea - yay brainweasels, not - but in the end, I was definitely glad I went. One or two moments did make me flinch (not in the best headspace yet, though distinctly improved from a few days ago) and one particular story about a guest's big goofy dog brought tears to my eyes, but overall, a good time was had. I've still got the singalong finale, which was a version of "Imagine," led by an excellent black Gospel singer and a longtime, much older and whiter WPR host who's a known tenor in the community, stuck in my head!

I do wish Karl Schmidt had lived to see this... The next studio WPR builds ought to be named after him. Then again I'm not sure, given the general impression he always gave on air, he'd go for that much obvious recognition. A reading room somewhere, a notably community-friendly one, *that* I can see him smiling over. For those not local, Karl Schmidt was a longtime host of Chapter A Day, and when I say longtime, I mean decades. We recently lost him, at... 93, I believe he was? He was still an active host at the time, to the point that one of the books he'd recorded for the air was being serialized when his death was announced. They deliberately continued that particular book to its end, several episodes later, while making note of the loss of its reader in press releases.

ETA: I almost forgot to say. The CW in the subject line reads 9XM, which was the original call of the station that became WHA, Wisconsin Public Radio's flagship station. 100 years and still going strong! :D

sorta this new thing

Sunday, 15 October 2017 02:51[personal profile] alenepasserine posting in [community profile] 2017revival
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Name: Alene works for now
Age: 45
Location: northeast Texas

Describe yourself in five sentences or less: I'm outdoorsy yet cursed with horrible grass allergies. I believe in love but never for me. I'm a hermit who's regrettably a nurturer and a fixer. I rarely meet a book I won't devour. I have a 90% chance of turning the wrong way at an intersection.

Top 5 fandoms: Lucifer, Court of Thorns and Roses, all things Middle Earth, Guild Hunter, varying bandfic

I mostly post about: Travelry, hikery, kayakery

I rarely post about: Squashy feeling-things

My three last posts were about: State parks, the TPWD geocache challengs, and anti-aging products

How often do you post? Depends on if I've done anything interesting lately

How about commenting? Not friends with anyone or in any communities yet, but when I am, it varies. I get chatty phases and quiet phases.

(no subject)

Friday, 13 October 2017 11:09[personal profile] mummimamma
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Today I stopped by the shop on my way to work to take a picture of the shelf that had sodium bicarbonate on it, and sent it to a student - just another day at work.

How to say hello in Norwegian

Wednesday, 11 October 2017 10:58[personal profile] mummimamma
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A couple of months ago we got this new PhD at our department. He's a bit older than most of the PhDs here, in his early 30s, having worked for a couple of years. He is also from Latin-America, and not only that, he is an extroverted Latin-American.

And I have been trying to teach him that in Norway you do not ask "How are you?" randomly to people; you can ask that question to people you will engage in conversation with if, and only if, you are interested in listening to the answer. If not, you'd better turn it in to a yes/no-question like "Everything okay?". But now, he asks everyone we walk past that he knows tha question, and being the, admittedly charming and extroverted guy he is, he knows a lot of people. So he calls to them, and they get a bit confused as to why he wants to start a conversation, here, in the middle of the road in the rain (or wherever). So I've been trying to tell him this - with mixed results.

And then, this weekend I went home and visited my uncle, and we went out fishing for lobsters. The weather was wonderful, and we got up before sunrise (which is around 8am at this time of year) to go out in the boat to check our lobster traps and nets. It is truly wonderful to be on the sea in those conditions (although my back now hurts like you have no idea, since I am totally out of practice with pulling in the rather heavy traps). As we were out, we saw another fisherman, and we steered the boat towards him, and he turned towards us, and we met up.

The conversation between my uncle and the other guy was as follows.
- Yes
- Yes
- Yes?
- Six
- Oh. Four.
- Yes, yes.
- Okay.
- Yes
- *handwave*

So now I only have to teach my new colleague that *this* is how Norwegian men communicate. At least men in rural districts. Men in more urban areas may throw in a couple of words. May.
(Yeah, yeah, stereotyping, blah, blah. Makes for easier language learning though.)

And this is a picture of me checking a trap. Just because

Lemon and saffron chicken

Tuesday, 10 October 2017 18:32[personal profile] angelofthenorth
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2 packs of chicken thigh fillets
1 lemon, juices and zest
Several tablespoons of lemon juice
A couple of tablespoons of white wine vinegar
3 shredded fresh bay leaves
Olive oil fry light.
Strands of saffron
0.5 tsp of classic chipotle sauce, pro heat. Or a chilli, chopped, would do it.

One pink onion, fine chopped

Mix all the ingredients bar the onion, fry light and saffron.
Spritz with the fry light and then sprinkle saffron over the chicken
Leave to marinade for an hour and a bit, longer if you have the time.
Spritz a pan with fry light, fry the onion, and use it as the base in your oven pan.
fry batches of the chicken for 2-4 minutes each side, and then place on the onion.
Now you have a choice:

1. You can fry the chicken till cooked
2. You can place the oven dish in a 180°C oven, and pour over the marinade and cook. It says in the recipe I adapted that it should take an hour, but that's for large breast portions.
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Or, more of my frakking unnatural weirdness! Let me show you it!

Cut for odd, possibly creepy, definitely nonstandard wiring. )

Sorry, folks. Bad night. I'm fine as in functional, but my brain will not. shut. off. I can at least recognize bad tape when I deal with it in all the references to things being wrong with me, but I genuinely do wonder if I'm not honestly screwed up in an unhealthy way. Maybe ways.


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